You Got Mugged! 

Awesome food, Awesome potters--got mugged! MWCC members held an event on Sunday, December 4, to celebrate the Winter Showcase 2022, with a potluck dinner and mug exchange. A good time was had by all, as we raised our mugs!

Being a Member-Run Non-Profit

Muddy Waters Clay Center is a 401 3(c) organization with a mission and by-laws focused on being a ceramic arts studio, gallery, classroom and research center. The organization was begun in 2008 by a community of 22 people. 

Today's Muddy Waters Clay Center is three times larger than it was in 2008 and is still run by volunteers. In 2022 members will review the team structure in place for volunteers to provide the work needed to run the studio. Please support this endeavor in any way you can!

Al new kiln.jpg
Al & Skip and the L&L.jpg
Kiln Installation Is Complete!

Muddy Waters ordered this new kiln with funding help from the city of Grand Forks Re-Grant funds and with help from the Myra Foundation. the kiln was built to order and finally arrived in late December, 2021. Volunteers helped get it in place- it weighs a ton, so this was no easy feat. After wiring the kiln and building the exhaust fan system, it was tested and Voila! We are now firing our new front loading kiln! Thank you Skip and Al for all your hard work getting this project competed.