Dakota Don's Waffles hit the Prairie
"Pugging" Along
Muddy Waters Receives Myra Foundation Funding

Muddy Waters Clay Center "recycles" its studio clay for use by members and as a class supply. Members' clay scraps are collected in large containers, mixed with dry clay in an industrial mixer, and then squeezed and rolled out of a special mixer caller a pugger into 25# bags. The pugging process is done in a small enclosed room, which helps contain the dust and noise made in this process. 

Studio members take turns pugging the clay.

Myra Foundation continues to support non-profits activities in Grand Forks County through their grant program. Muddy Waters Clay Center is pleased to be among the organizations that apply for and receive funding. In 2020 MWCC will upgrade to a video friendly laptop, will improve the hand-building clay classes with a clay extruder and die system and will improve its ability to recycle studio clay- ALL THANK S TO MYRA FOUNDATION FUNDING!

One of the master potters at Muddy Waters Clay Center is branching out! Don Miller has tested his waffle recipe on the members and we're proud to agree: A Dakota Don’s Artisan Waffle is a “remarkably better waffle”.

Don says "I have been making my well received waffles for over 25 years. Friends and family have consistently encouraged me to share the recipe and start a restaurant. I was very interested in sharing the recipe but not in running a restaurant. My easy to make waffle mix yields a gourmet product you can make at home for an enhanced food experience or special event." Find Don's Artisan Waffle Mix for sale at various locations in Grand Forks!