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Muddy Waters Clay Center welcomes all to explore the area of ceramics, from the casually curious to the established artist. Shop our Gallery for hundreds of high quality handmade ceramic items. Each artist has a unique design to their pottery.

Muddy Waters Clay Center is a non-profit, community clay center serving the Grand Forks area. Volunteers provide all the services and labor for all events and classes. We offer year-round high quality ceramic arts opportunities.

Community service, combined with artistic excellence, makes the center a uniquely vibrant place!


Being a Member-Run Non-Profit

“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” 

Muddy Waters Clay Center is a 501 3(c) organization with a mission and by-laws focused on being a ceramic arts studio, gallery, classroom and research center. The organization was begun in 2008 by a community of 12 people. 

Today's Muddy Waters Clay Center is three times larger than it was in 2008 and is still run by volunteers. Please support this endeavor in any way you can!

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