our mission: 

To provide ceramic studio, classroom, gallery, meeting, research, glazing, firing and equipment for the creation, education and enjoyment of the ceramic arts in the Greater Grand Forks area.


Class Title
Dates & Days

Beg. & Int. Handbuilding

Vicki Morrisette, Martha Keifenheim


May 16- June 8, 2022

5:30-8:00 PM


To Register

Register in Person at Muddy Waters Studio


2014 13th Ave N., Grand Forks, ND 58203


Plan to pay with check or correct cash. No cash on premises.


For more information call 701-775-1168 (leave message) or email muddywatersclaycenter.gfnd@gmail.com


Membership is open to potters who can work independently in a shared studio space. Member applications include photos of current or previous work and two letters of recommendation. Membership applications are available upon request.

With MWCC's Board of Directors' approval the potter will receive new member orientation, two spaces to store supplies, and a display area in the gallery.

Before applying for membership, it is recommended by the Board of Directors that potters take two or more classes at Muddy Waters and familiarize themselves with some of the needs of running our studio. Muddy Waters is an all-volunteer organization.