Muddy Waters Clay Classes for Fall/Early Winter 2020 are held each Thursday 6:30-8:30 PM. Class size is limited to 6 persons.

Hand-building techniques are the focus for each class, but experienced students may choose to work independently on the pottery wheel. 

Cost per class, per student is $30. 

Register by filling in the form below. Make payment by using the PayPal Button - "Donate"- to submit class registration. 


Our facility is ADA compliant.

NEW During the month of October, Don Miller will provide assistance for students with wheel throwing experience. This class is offered Wednesday 6:30-8:30. Class size is limited to 6 and social distancing is required. $30 each session. Students may also sign up to throw Saturdays in October from 11-1 when they attend a Wednesday intermediate throwing class. Saturday studio time is an additional $30.


Clay and Glaze is included with the fee. Contact Muddy Waters for more information. Sign up form is listed below.

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Thanks for registering for Clay Thursday- a Muddy Waters Clay Center class!!